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  • Reasonable Choice of Magnetic Stirrerí»s Stirring Bar(edite)

    Magnetic Stirrer/Generic/General Clinical Chemistry Reagents Magnetic Stirrer is suitable for mixing of liquids with moderate viscosity. These are widely used in institutes, scientific research, health, vaccination, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical and medicinal services.
    It employs a continuous circular movement of magnetic stirring bar with liquid in the revolving magnetic field.
    Let us discuss a few important factors affecting the working of stirrer bars:
    1.Shape of Stirring Bar: Generally, the smaller the contact area between the stirring bar and the vessel bottom, the more is the stirring effect. Most stirrer bars possess a pivot ring on which they rotate. The larger the contact area the better is the stability. Therefore these two factors need to be balanced.
    2.Stirring Volume & Length of Stirring Bar: The Small stirring volume can produce efficient stirring with small stirring bar. Vice Versa.
    3.Shape of the Vessel Bottom: Vessel with round bottom has a converging effect on small stirring bar and leads to stable rotation. Vessel with flat bottom has no such effect. Therefore small stirring bar is easy to revolve both around the vessel and on its own axis.
    4.Internal design: The rotating field is created by a set of stationary electromagnets, placed beneath the vessel containing liquid.
    5.Effect of high temperature on stirring bar. The commonly used stirring bars will gradually become degaussed under high temperature, therefore it is necessary to confirm after a period of use whether it has sufficient magnetism or not. 

    By simulating experimental conditions to compare the working state of stirring bars of different specifications, we have found that DCL Laboratory Products magnetic stirrers show very efficient stirring effect in comparison to other popular brands.

    Here, the experimental results recorded in Table 1 can be used as reference for users to choose stirring bars

                                                                        Table 1: Most suitable stirring bar for different vessels

    Liquid Container

    DCL Laboratory Products

    Round-bottom flask (100mL) in contact with workplate

    10mm stirrer bar

    Round-bottom flask (100mL) is 1-4cm away from the disc

    10mm stirring bar

    Beaker (1000mL) / Conical Flask (100mL)

    20-25mm stirring bar

    DCL Laboratory Products Ltd