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  • Tips on Use of Bottle-top Dispenser

    Bottle-top dispenser is the most common chemical laboratory equipment and is an environment friendly product due to its ease of operation, quantifiable (semi-quantifiable) nature, the ability to reduce evaporation and prevention of dissemination of toxic substances. It is widely used in such industries as agriculture, chemicals, foodstuff, etc.
     Bottle-top dispensers produced by DCL Laboratory Products Ltd meet the ISO8655 standards of measurement.The following are a few tips for smooth and easy operation of Bottle-Top Dispenser  
     1. Ensure to download the chemical compatibility sheet from our website for your reference and to ascertain the compatibility between the dispensing liquid and the product materials.
     2. DispensMate Plus quantifies using the scale pointer with volume adjustment knob, covering four specification ranges: 0.5-50mL, 1.0-10mL, 2.5-25mL, 5.0-50mL with accuracy and precision of ±0.5% and 0.1% respectively.
     3. Ensure that the equipment is free of remnant liquid and air each time before use in order to avoid any errors/ negative deviations in dispensing liquid volume measurement.
     4. The level of tightness of the volume adjustment knob needs to be appropriate as it is easy to deviate from the target position in the process of repeated upward/downward movement of piston while excessively tightened knob possess a break off.
     5. Move the piston smoothly and controllably when dispensing the liquid. Stop it when the knob reaches the desired volume position.
     6. Clean and maintain the bottle-top dispenser on a regular basis to prevent any solid accumulated inside the bottle-top dispenser otherwise it would adversely affect its normal functionality.

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