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Selectra Pro XS

Key Features

•   Fully-automated clinical chemistry analyzer
•   Up to 75 tests / hour
•   Superior test menu
•   Easy to train, operate and maintain
•   Minimal water consumption
•   Enhanced turnaround time
•   Automated request sample and reagent management
Product Specification
  • More than other entry-level systems in a cost-effective package. Throughput is up to 75 photometric tests/hour.

    The Selectra ProXS provides a fully integrated chemistry solution for smaller or satellite laboratory locations. Robust, compact and easy to use, with a discrete random access throughput up to 75 tests per hour, the Selectra ProXS system is the ideal BenchTop solution for primary, STAT or back-up testing needs. This system offers minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to provide a truly cost-effective operation.

    Processing Center

    Sampling probe with integrated mixer and level sensing 
    The unique sampling probe streamlines sample and reagent level sensing, aspiration and mixing. That reduces complexity, enhances uptime and provides collision protection.

    Combined sample and reagent rotor with cooling dome 
    The rotor ensures optimum temperature and humidity are maintained providing reagent on-board stability and integrity.
    • 30 on-board reagent positions (inner ring with 15 cooled reagent positions).
    • 25 sample, control and calibrator positions.

    Disposable cuvettes
    Reduced maintenance and water consumption while improving test turnaround time.

    Bar code reader: test requisition, sample and reagent identification
    Optional reagent and sample patient bar code further simplifies operations and eliminates potential errors.

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